24 July, 2017

Short fiction (not by me) that you should totally go read

So I thought I'd do a little mini round-up of short stories I've read recently that I really enjoyed, because they all deserve more readers:

Once I, Rose by A. Merc Rustad
Fenrir, by Christina Sng
The Wizard of 63rd Street, by Shane Halbach (this one also has an audio version)
Calvante's Maiden, by Bobby O'Rourke (totally worth it)
The Ferryman, by Siarhey Bulyha/Alex Shvartsman
On the Acquisition of a Very Fine Steed, by Virginia Mohlere


04 July, 2017

Short fiction to appear in Mad Scientist Journal

Original images by Ryan McGuire, ruined by me
Excited to announce that some spoof classified ads I've written will be published in an anthology of Mad Scientist Journal this December. The anthology (Winter 2018) will be available to buy on Amazon in both ebook and print formats. Watch this space!